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quote burnt orange   MAT has enabled me to become more active. I have less pain and have a better quality of life. I am thankful to Patrick for the work he does. I am forever grateful. Feeling strong and happy in this pic.

~ Jeanine

Testimonials Theresa for PMP

Testimonials unknown for PMP

"I used to be very active, then I needed two surgeries on my foot. The first surgery was unsuccessful and kept me sedentary for nearly a year. The second surgery corrected the first surgery. I felt better, but after relying on my left side for such a long time, I didn’t feel good, I felt my body was out of balance. I tried Pilates, but with MAT and Pat, my results were more immediate. I still have a structural foot issue, so I’m not as active as I used to be, but with the help of MAT, I’m now able to ski, hike, bike, snowshoe, rock climb and other fun activities."

~ Theresa

Getting My Life Back

"I was in pain for almost 20 years when I met Pat at a yoga class. Since he is super cute, when he told me he had something that could help my weak hip, I was game. My mind was blown how much of my body was not working. Too much sport, stress and yoga had shut me down. Pat set me on the road to get my life back, and I am forever grateful. If you are now or ever were an athlete, go see this man and tell him I said hi. He will make you right again."

~ Emily, yoga instructor

Shoulder Pain is Gone

 "My oldest son had a very successful experience in MAT rehabbing with Patrick after ACL surgery, so I went to Patrick for help with long-standing shoulder pain that cortisone shots and muscle relaxants didn't fix. Bottom line - after Patrick' analysis and his MAT therapy, my shoulder pain is gone and has not returned. Full range of motion has returned to my shoulder joint, as well as muscle strength. MAT is the "Gold Standard" of therapy and Patrick's skills are unquestionable."

~ Carollee C.


MAT Therapy is Amazing

"Let's face it--I'm a skeptic. But I am not crazy, and I believe in results. Pat Douglas's MAT therapy is amazing. I have multiple issues, including arthritis and upper and lower back issues, but when Patrick works on me, I know I will get relief and move toward the wellness I need to continue my active schedule."

~ Mary, age 64

Patrick is Highly Skilled

“Patrick is highly skilled in MAT, and we credit him with keeping my husband out of back surgery that his doctors deemed a next step. Since working with Patrick he has had a full recovery and no symptoms for 5 years. I started seeing Pat not long after witnessing my husband's results.”

~ Ashley


Top Notch Therapy

5/5 stars: "Out of all the different forms of therapy I've under gone Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Physical Therapy, nothing has come close to the relief I've felt from M.A.T. Patrick is super knowledgable, intuitive, and patient. He makes sure to find out exactly where your body is out of balance and takes the correct steps to get you back to 100% functionality. On top of that, he takes his time to explain what he's doing, so you're educated throughout the whole process. Another big thing for me is knowing that Patrick is always continuing his education and honing his craft, so you can be sure you're receiving top notch therapy that's at the edge of the M.A.T. Field. I can definitely say that Prime Muscle Performance and Patrick are a integral and regular part of my pain management and prevention."
~Nicholas Barone